11th of July. Next goal - Khuray area

The start of the day was very early: at 6 am the work had already begun. Research team from Irkutsk National Research Technical University lodged their equipment and started profiling in the channel Khuray area. As the result of the day they’ve accomplished all the goals for SSS and profiler survey – have acquired new data for more than 50 km!
Seismic team also didn’t give up and kept trying to adjust the parameters of the survey. During the day they were trying to minimize the level of acoustic noise and improve shooting and registering conditions.
Today we have again a birthday onboard! The presents went to our amazing cook Tatyana Anatol’evna. Dear Tatyana, the team of Class@Baikal wish you all the very best! 
We also don’t forget about our tradition to organize lectures for students. Andrey Khabuev delivered the one about monitoring of seepages in Krasny Yar area in the afternoon «Geological and geophysical characteristics of the “Krasnyi Yar” seepage structure (the southern depression of the Lake Baikal)»